Simon's expertise in creating images and film of horses has led him to be the "go to" person for many leading equine clinicians. Known for combining his understanding of horse behaviour with the emotion that he captures in his images, Simon has contributed to numerous books, DVDs, and now an award winning US TV program (Monty Roberts Backstage Pass).
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Simon's press work in the world of horses includes: Horse of the Year Show, Olympia, Burghley Horse Trials, Monty Roberts (2006-2017), Horse Magazine - School for Scoundrels Series, BBC Racing, and the British Horse Society.

Sea Horses
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A stunningly powerful project that has proved popular with organisations and followers of Simon's work. Sea Horses combines the power and grace of the heavy horses with the stunning scenery of Cumbria. An ongoing project that continues to be worked on.

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Having worked with horses for over a decade, and having filmed clinicians such as Monty Roberts, and Kelly Marks, Simon can be hired to produce commissions pieces of work. Be it corporate, personal, or research studies…

Special Projects
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If you have a very specific project that needs to be delivered, and you required either film or photography, please contact Simon directly to discussed your needs and thoughts.

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