The natural progressions from Simon's earlier work with horses, and understanding their behaviours. Put Simon in the ideal position to move towards conservation and wildlife work. Always having a passion for animals it seemed the next logical step for him. He had been involved in supporting charities involved with large predator conservation since 2011. Working with AfriCat in Namibia, providing a wealth of images, and footage that has been used over a long time to help illustrate the important research work carried there.

Wildlife and Landscapes

Even though nature photography calls for the best natural representations of the subject, Simon enjoys using his various styles to make artworks as well as factually documented nature. Art House, Words Worth, and Natural prints can be found in the shop.


With the numbers rapidly declining in most countries of the predators; Simon's involvement in supporting charities that research and develop protection strategies for predators has been a focus since 2011. Big claws, and powerful teeth! His work is fore mostly designed to support the people who support the predators. If you buy any of his work, yo are also supporting the animals!

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