Simon Palmer

At the age of 16 Simon's parents bought him an Agfamatic 110 camera. A small basic film cartridge camera that kickstarted his passion for images.

When asked about what he sees as influences in the photographic world he says: " I remember going to an exhibition in London of original Ansel Adams prints. There were many of his most iconic including a huge print that he made of Half Dome in Yosemite. You could reach into the picture and touch the rock, smell the air, and feel instantly transported to a truly magnificent place! This for me, showed the power of the image and an art form that could change your thoughts and make you wish you could emulate this power."
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Simon also spent two years supporting the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust culminating in organising a large donation from the Roundtable to assist in the redevelopment of the Wolsey Centre.
"Over the years I've struggled to develop my own unique styles. In the last few years I've now settled on three "feels". However more importantly, I make images for me. It sounds selfish, but I'd rather know that I have created something I love, know, and feel for, than try to pander to market forces. If a viewer loves the image as much as I do, and wants to have a copy thats the best feeling on the planet. It's not about making money, its about living with yourself, being thankful for what you have, and knowing that you can sometimes reach out into someone else and change a view, perspective, thought, or emotion."

Simon has three distinct styles of images that are available through his shop. An explanation of his styles can be found on this page.


Natural images are just that. Simon will perhaps make some dust removal, and adjustments to the curves within Photoshop, along with lightening or darkening. The sort of basic work that would have been carried out in a darkroom in the days of film and printing. The essence of this type of image is to reflect what nature provides and not misrepresent the natural subject.

Words Worth

Where Simon feels that the emphasis of the image must include additional messages, he will add his own words, or potential a quote to the image to strengthen the key message or statement. This classification of image can be used with both Natural and Art House images.

Art House

Simon describes this as a discussion with the image. When viewing the images or even at the stage of taking the image, something changes his view of the subject and because of this, he then changes the image to reflect his views, perception, feeling and desire for he image he creates.

This may include something as simple as adding a border, or more complex work including removal of items or composition changes (not cropping).

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Image Copyright: Richard Zayman