About the book.

The kickstarter project provides the supporters additional prints as a thank you for buying the book. 100 pages of a journey in Namibia involving predators, landscapes, wildlife, and conservation.

Pages from the book.

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I will be donating all the profits to the two organisations below split equally 50/50.

Supporting Conservation

AfriCat Foundation

AfriCat UK is the UK fundraising body for AfriCat and the Namibian Lion Trust based in Namibia within the Okonjima reserve and near Etosha National Park. Both stunning locations that allow for amazing research and conservation practices to help save wildlife and further the understanding of the animals.

Dartmoor Zoo

The amazing true story of "We Bought a Zoo" focuses on this UK Zoo based in the west country of England. Playing a critical role in conservation, Dartmoor Zoo plays host to many critically endangered species, working towards saving them for future generations.

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