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The Phoenix Philosophy - This is my philosophy, it has a very simple premise, out of the ashes of one project/action comes a better more vital one.

I recently ran a Kickstarter Campaign to release a book. The idea behind it was to try to bring some needed money to a charity I support. Right now, charities need the support not just of the public, but also of the corporate world. They face extinction in the same way as the animals/people/nature that they are championing. Needless to say all facets of life are stretched beyond belief. Employees and employers are struggling because of COVID and the impact on the world of business.

My comment is one of hope, and a reminder that out of the ashes something stronger can be crafted. More energy and vitality with a keener perception of what needs to be done. The project failed, or burned. it reached 75% of its goal. But didn't cross the finishing line.

I reached 55 years old in the middle of the project. Luckily, an old pension timed out at the same moment. Some money came my way. Couple that moment of well timed luck, and the failure of the project, meant I had to look again at how to achieve this goal.

Simple solution, move some of the money across to the project, pay for it myself, and then release it via my website. The bonus was that I didn't have to lose 5% to Kickstarter as fees.

I have launched the project knowing that I can now focus on the benefits of the project instead of worrying too much about the promotion of the project due to time constraints.

It’s happening! I’m putting the order into the printers (in the UK and not China) to get the books made to deliver to those who have bought the book. In the same amount of time, I have achieved and exceeded the number of units sold, and the amount of money I can donate to charity.

But never to lose the chance to spread the benefits further I wanted to share this philosophy with you all.

It’s one of hope, and one of benefit. Benefit to me, for the sense of achievement, benefit to the charity for bringing money to them, benefit to the animals (in this case) for the charities survival, and benefit to the people who donate because I can share my adventure with them through the book.

Finally, the numbers are small enough for a corporate body to be able to step up and match the money donated to the Charity, and gain benefit from positive exposure, and alignment to something that will benefit the planet.

AfriCat is a charity supporting education and research in Namibia. Building schools, and helping research animals that we need to preserve on this planet not just for future generations but also for the critical stability of ecosystems.

Does your company have the strength, and forward thinking to support my book by matching the money raised for AfriCat? It’s pocket change for a large corporation, and a statement of ethical inclusion for both large and small companies.

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