Turnstone wader with damaged legged

The consequences of litter

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Something that is marvelous to watch in Brixham are the numerous "bold as brass" Turnstones. In Summer with their striking livery or as now with their Winter coats. These little birds will wander around and under the feet of many of the locals or tourists that come to Brixham.

On my first walk of 2020, I came into town and notice what appear at first to be a one legged Turnstone. Seemingly undeterred in its food gathering, this bird was hoping around with the same dexterity expected of these agile birds.

Being curious though I hung around and watched, noticing that the bird actually did have a second leg, however, it was injured. As you can see from this picture taken on my iPhone (yes they really are quite comfortable being around humans). The bird seemed to have a cable tie, around it foot somehow.

You can also see that from the colour difference between the two legs that this is not a recent injury.

Even through we make New Years Resolutions, one that I hope wont take much to keep for any of us, is to dispose of waste correctly. The impact of not doing so is so apparent...

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