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One of the joys of living by the coast is the wildlife that is very very local to us. When I say local, we go to sleep with their noise, and we wake up (sometimes a little too early) with their calls. Our flat is a two story affair with a view across the rooftops of the town. It's a fishing town known for it's pirate festival, seals, dolphins, porpoises, and the ever present Herring Gulls.

In the winter it's not too bad when it comes to the sounds of the gulls, but in the spring the noise starts to ramp up and then when the chicks are born. Wear headphones or get used to it! But, for a wildlife loving person like me, it also affords some amazingly warm moments along with a great deal of animal based humour! Because we live so high up, we get to see the chicks growing up.

Over the last few weeks we have been privy to two families on the top of Brixham! The closest is a pair of gulls with two chicks, and then further down a three chick family! Sadly today I noticed that one of the chicks in the three chick family has died. It was the youngest and smallest of the three. But that is part of nature really.

However, the two cloesest to us, and the noisiest (christened Wallace and Gromit) have been steadily growing. Wallace was the larger of the two, and is still slightly bigger, but Gromit is catching up. I've resisted taking photographs up until now for a few reasons. Even though a lot of people classify them as pest, they have ever right to succeed withouth man's medling. I wanted to wait until they were big enough that they wouldn't have a problem with me waving a large lens, even from a distance, at them. It's hard to believe that even these birds are now on the Red List, with a declining population through pressure of environmental changes.

You will see from the images above and below, that Wallace is fast approaching getting his flying licence. Something that causes me no end of happiness, as he/she goes through the process of figuring out aerodynamics! So much fun, as they learn what will be critical to their survival and success.

I might post another update again down the road, but for now, these two are entertaining and an example of nature on my doorstep. I'm a little jealous to be honest as they are spending more time outside than I am!


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