Grand Canyon
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I remember walking up some stairs at the South Bank Center in London when I was young. They had an exhibition of original Ansel Adams photographs that had been printed by the great man. I recall walking up the entrance stairs into the exhibition and at the top was a giant print of Half Dome. It blew me away! ...

Comic book image
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One of my “things” that I talk about in my errr...talks..(going well so far isn’t it!). Is that I like to explore different ways of presenting my work. Creativity in presentation is as much a tool as creativity in the image itself. I’ve been playing around and creating some templates in Affinity Photo, the ...

Dartmoor Project
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I have finally got my rear end in gear!

I'm now available on Saatchi's online gallery. "The worlds leading online art gallery".

From now on, I'll be producing, separately, a series of collectible works that will be limited editions. Usually no more than 25 in edition size.

It ...

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This is a post that may not help me with corporations, or perhaps it will?

In the past I've always taken the view that corporations were the evil empire, and I don't suppose I'm the only one! However, part of that might actually be because of my experience in the corporate world, and more specifically ...

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