Minke Whale
Minke Whale

At the end of this week the new Sir David Attenborough programme goes live on Apple TV. It looks at the world through the eyes of the last year. The world, without the predominant specie out and about. How has nature dealt with the lack of humans, both on land and in the oceans of the world.

The message ...


I recently took part in a fantastic online chat in Club House that was focused on whether Rhino de-horning was a benefit to the species or not. Arranged by the Shannon Elizabeth Foundation it had a team of experts who had first hand experience and a wealth of knowledge ...

Cheetah relaxing

We live in an amazing world. The importance of observing animals and developing an understanding of their behaviours is critical both to appreciate how they interact, but also when possible changes can indicate new developments.

Allo-mothering is a behaviour that you can see in some predators, and other ...

Empty landscape with rusting car

Last night I watched the Attenborough Witness Statement. I cannot describe the level of emotions I went through. Everything from absolute love for this man through guilt, helplessness, hopelessness, anger and then a small glimmer of hope.

Afterwards, while sitting talking with Cate, I discussed the fact ...

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